7 Reasons Why You Should Support DC Cannabis Delivery Services

7 Reasons Why You Should Support DC Cannabis Delivery Services

While there are many more than 7 reasons you support DC cannabis delivery services, we can keep it simple.  If you order from Trending Leafs and love our product, our service and our hard work to please you, that’s good enough!

Most of the time people just place an order, are really happy with the service, but never consider that beyond getting high and feeling good, they are supporting a good cause. 

Have you ever considered some of the major reasons why ordering weed online and getting it delivered may be good for the community? It may surprise you, but you are actually doing something very special and important for the DC community by ordering from Trending Leafs or another DC cannabis delivery service.

Here are 7 major reasons why Trending Leafs and other DC weed delivery services benefit the community:

  1. Ordering From a DC Weed Delivery Service Benefits the Local Community Economically

Ordering from a DC weed delivery service like Trending Leafs is good for our community. 

The driver, who is paid to make your delivery, is part of your local community. Your order helps she or he support their family, pay local taxes, and spend their money in the local community.  The same can be said (in the case of Trending Leafs), as the owners and their families live locally, and proceeds from sales and gifting are kept in the community.  Trending Leafs are not part of a national chain. The money you spend stays in the community, which help fund schools, nonprofits, public services, and more.

A basic rule of successful economic development is by spending locally, you grow the economy at a higher rate than if you chose to spend outside of the community, and by ordering from a cannabis delivery service like Trending Leafs, you are doing your part.

  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Do Not Need a Storefront

 Even with the best intentions and a bit of funds to get started, most attempts to open a DC cannabis dispensary never get off the ground.  Complicated permitting processes, endless bureaucratic red tape, lack of access to credit card or banking processing methods all make a cannabis dispensary a heavy lift.  In underserved communities, this lift can make opening a storefront impossible. A cannabis delivery service avoids these problems and still serves the community.

 In a challenging economic environment, opening a cannabis dispensary is very expensive and can be cost-prohibitive.

There can also be restrictions as to placing the dispensary physically too close to a school or other location where local regulators try to limit people’s access to weed or other recreational substances.  As a result, people who use cannabis for medicinal or therapeutic purposes cannot get their weed by finding a store, because they don’t exist nearby.  Having a DC cannabis delivery service means that people can get access to top quality medicinal grade cannabis because a storefront is not required. 

  1. Cannabis Delivery Services are More Environmentally Sustainable

For a number of reasons, a delivery service is better for the environment than a storefront dispensary.  A storefront keeps electricity, gas, and other resources running all day and often into the night.  Employees need to come and go, most often using gas-powered vehicles to get them to and from work.  Large amounts of waste are created when a storefront is operating, from garbage and secondary impacts of people visiting the cannabis dispensary.

A cannabis delivery service only employs vehicles, cell phones, and the internet to do business.  Sure, a car is used, but only for delivery purposes, so no one is just driving around and stopping to browse.  Ever stood in line at a dispensary and see the constant flow of people going in and out from the cars?

Paper receipts do not need to be generated, and no waste or garbage is created with a delivery service.  There is no electricity from the dirty grid being burned to keep storefront lights on, machines operating, etc.  Drivers must be efficient with routes and be as thoughtful in planning as possible.  The carbon footprint is reduced when you place your order online and someone quickly delivers it to you. 

  1. It’s Super Easy to Order and Receive Cannabis by Delivery or Drop-off Using a DC Delivery Service

Let’s say you don’t feel like dealing with people, parking, or any drama. Let’s say you don’t feel like putting gas in your car, particularly with gas prices out of control.  Let’s say you don’t have a car, or don’t know how to drive.

A single phone call or online order with your phone and boom! You get your cannabis, your psychedelics, or your tinctures in a flash.  What is easier than this? All 100% guaranteed. 

  1. Trending Leafs DC Cannabis Delivery Service is Safe and Discreet

Trending Leafs DC cannabis delivery service is safe and, if discretion is needed, very discreet.  You can choose drop off, pick up, have the delivery waiting for you when you are meeting your friends.   Even in 2022, many people aren’t comfortable walking into a cannabis dispensary.  Many members of the DC community prefer to get a home delivery or arrange for a delivery at a convenient location.

If you are visiting DC from out of state and are staying at a hotel, Trending Leafs will deliver to your hotel.  You can arrange for a delivery location that serves you.  And because customer reviews and satisfaction are so important, Trending Leafs must be safe and discreet to honor or commitment to our customers.   We take this responsibility very seriously.

  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Help Underserved and Underepresented People in the Community

What if you suffer from severe anxiety and public spaces are a challenge for you?  What if you are on sensory overload? Unfamiliar smells, funky lighting, sounds and noise—all can present huge challenges for folks. 

A cannabis delivery service offers relief to those with physical and mental obstacles, including allowing them to avoid having to go out and travel long distances to get their weed.  With a DC delivery service like Trending Leafs, those who suffer from anxiety, depression, physical impairments, social or sensory issues and more do not have to leave home to get the support they need.  If this were the only benefit, cannabis delivery services would be a winner.

If you use cannabis for medicinal purposes, and don’t have a car for any reason, don’t have a license, or are ill or have special needs, Trending Leafs DC cannabis delivery service is here to serve you.  We serve those who don’t have a car or access to a car, or who can’t drive.  Maybe you can’t get to a dispensary.  So we operate as a mobile dispensary and bring your order directly to you. 

  1. Cannabis and Other Products Are More Affordable Due to Lower Overhead Expenses than a Storefront

If you have to pay store rent, telephone, electricity, gas, security, maintenance, someone is going to have to pay these costs.  What’s the solution?  Charge more to your customers to pay these overhead expenses. 

DC cannabis delivery services don’t have to pay these costs.  They don’t have to have high prices.  In the case of Trending Leafs, the flat fee for delivery covers it all.  You can order a ton of products, but that flat fee doesn’t increase and our amazing products can stay affordable.  Why?  Because we don’t need to pass on any high costs of running a storefront operation to our customers. 

Trending Leafs Cannabis Delivery Service is Here for the Delivery of Top Cannabis, Edibles, Vapes, and Psychedelics in DC!

For all of these reasons and more, ordering from a DC weed delivery service is a smart and healthy way to get your cannabis and other products.   Order online today on our website and someone will get back to you within a few minutes to confirm you order and arrange delivery or pickup.  It is easy, efficient, and as we now see, has benefits which you may never have even considered.