Faded Fruits THC Infused Gummies - Grapefruit Haze

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THC: 500mg
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What Are Faded Fruits Grapefruit Haze THC infused gummies?

Faded Fruits are extremely potent cannabis-infused gummies that come in assorted flavors.  Grapefruit Haze is a  powerful sativa strain that taste like grapefruit and is packed with 500 MG of THC for the package, 50 MG per gummy.

The best grapefruit combines citrus and sweetness, while refreshing the palette.  These amazing grapefruit flavored THC-infused gummies will taste delicious and have the desired impact.  A sativa cannabis strain, the potency and fun that can come with responsible use of these gummies is something to behold!

What is the THC Content in Faded Fruits Cannabis Infused Gummies?

Each package of Grapefruit Haze contains 10 gummies.  Each gummy has 50 MG of THC.  The total package contains 500 MG of THC.

What are the Effects of Faded Fruits Grapefruit Haze Gummies?

Faded Fruits Grapefruit Haze flavored gummies are going to alter your mood and change your state of being.  If you are feeling good, they are going to augment those good feelings! As a sativa gummy, Grapefruit Haze THC-infused gummies are more social and happiness-inducing than indica gummies. 

Pop one (or a portion of one) for social situations, or just when you want to feel good while doing something that doesn’t require your absolute focused attention—unless you are one of the lucky few! 

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