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Edibles FAQs

Having our edibles delivered to you in DC by pickup or drop-off is completely legal, consistent with I71.Simply purchase a Trending Leafs custom label and receive our edibles as a gift.You will love them—they are tasty and delicious, fresh and home baked!We do not order our edibles from anyone else.

On an empty stomach, it can take as little as 15 minutes to feel effects, or depending on your body chemistry, up to an hour.  On a full stomach or when eaten with a full meal, they can take longer.  It is important to not be impatient when eating edibles. They will take effect, with some experiencing them sooner than others.

Much like our answer to the question related to psychedelics, we think it best to not drive high.We strongly recommend against it.You need total sense awareness to manage a huge steel vehicle and be completely alert.Some weed can cause you to relax you to a point that driving isn’t on the list of recommendations of things to do.Use common sense, and don’t cause any danger.T

Too much of a good thing is not good for you.If you have a big sweet tooth and order our cookies or our brownies, consuming too much cannabis through edibles can be easy to do!But the negative effects are the same as overeating—vomiting, nausea or simply an upset stomach.Moderation is key.But is it possible?There is no evidence that anyone has overdosed on cannabis, but just be smart and use common sense.

Smoking weed gets into your blood stream faster and will make you high much more quickly than eating cannabis.  Many feel that the high from eating cannabis or THC edibles
sustains for longer and is a deeper high. Again, this is up for dispute.  We like both!

The same benefits of smoking weed can be found by eating cannabis, but one huge benefit is the elimination of smoke in yourlungs. Many Americans now favor eating
cannabis and psychedelics.The effects can be different.