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Tinctures FAQs

Yes, delivery of our delicious tinctures is completely legal and in compliance with I71.With the purchase of a custom Trending Leafs label, you receive a gift of our tinctures/mixers.

As it sounds, they can mix with any liquid, even cocktails, to have the desired effect.Read the instructions carefully to ensure you use an appropriate amount.After you consume them, just wait 30-60 minutes and enjoy.

They taste yummy.We offer flavors of our Sweet Juice Pourable THC Mixers like Watermelon, Sour Apple, Strawberry Lemonade and more. There are a wide range of delicious flavors to choose from.

The following are very popular flavors:

Sweet Juice Pourable THC Mixer Watermelon Runtz

Sweet Juice Pourable THC Mixer Strawberry Lemonade

Sweet Juice Pourable THC Mixer Sour Apple

Sweet Juice Pourable THC Mixer Grape Ape

The rest of the Sweet Juice THC Mixers are also super popular. They are selected precisely because of their wonderful taste and even more amazing impact. All of our tinctures/mixers are gluten free.

Yes, please refrigerate them after opening to keep them fresh.

There is 500 MG of THC per pourable bottle.

There is a flat fee of $20, regardless of the quantity you purchase.Our drivers benefit greatly from tips, which can be given online. Our drivers do not carry cash.