Pearly Gates
Pearly Gates

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Experience a powerful psychedelic journey with Pearly Gates, the cross between True Albino Teachers and the original Penis Envy Melmac mushroom. This strain has thick stems and small, wavy, bulbous caps, and is known to produce powerful experiences even in lower-than-average doses. Ranked as one of the most potent mushrooms in the Spring 2022 Psilocybin Cup, Pearly Gates will take you to a new level of exploration.

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Fast, efficient, and friendly

These guys are my top 10. Always consistent with superior excellence.  I highly recommend them.

Hazy Hula

Shockingly Smooth and Easy

First timer, and sorry I haven’t done this sooner.  Driver was on time, and product was top notch.  Will be hanging out in DC while using product from any chance I get. 

Michael D

Happy Camper

Love these guys! Delivery is always prompt and bud has a great taste

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Awesome service, fast and friendly

I love these guys. Just made my second donation. 

Really timely service with great communication.  Just what this city needs! Don’t hesitate to support this woman-run local group!!



Fast, professional and friendly.  Quality product too!