4 Important Things to Look for in a DC Weed Delivery Service

4 Important Things to Look for in a DC Weed Delivery Service

One of the reasons we founded Trendingleafs.com and began our weed, edibles, psychedelics (and more) delivery service in the region spanning from Virginia to DC and Maryland was because we were once customers who wanted to order weed on demand, to our door.

At the time, years ago, it was easier said than done. 

DC region marijuana laws were evolving rapidly, and it was the wild-wild-west.  Some unreputable delivery services made life unpleasant for their customers with bad product and high prices.   In checking out these services, we were frequently disappointed and left wondering how so many bad companies could exist for such an important service.

Because we were already growing our own primo quality sativa, indica, and hybrid strains and supplying dispensaries and distributors already in Maryland, DC and Virginia, we decided we would enter the delivery service market.  But we took our time, and entered with some very specific goals that guide us every day.

Goals for a Top Quality Cannabis and other product Delivery Service

Our goals were based upon the concept that if we provided a more affordable, higher quality product with superior customer service, we could be the destination for weed delivery in the entire DC area.  

As our online and other reviews will show, we are succeeding.  We are grateful for every customer order, and we act with gratitude.  We are continually improving our delivery times, cutting prices where possible, and offering incentives and promos to our clients. 

Our motto is the old simple one—treat others as you would like to be treated and make sure as many people get our positive experience as possible.

As we have grown and evolved, we are beginning to write about our experiences and make recommendations to help folks, whether they are our customers or not.  We all have a shared interest in top quality product, affordable prices, and guaranteed superior delivery service. 

With this mind, and knowing this is our home, here are 4 important requirements we look for in a top quality cannabis, edibles, vape carts, and psychedelics delivery service in DC, Maryland and Virginia. 

1. Make Sure the Cannabis Delivery Service Provides the Highest Quality Weed, Psychedelics, Edibles and More

What do you want when you order a delivery service for pizza, takeout, or cannabis, psychedelics or edibles?  Quality is at the top, with price a close second just behind quality.

At Trendingleafs.com, we provide both.  Let’s begin with exploring the question of quality.

Get the Best Quality Products from Your Delivery Service

Our customers want a top quality cannabis and other products.  As for flower, we grow our flower in our own indoor facilities, and maintain strict quality control.  We are the only people who handle our product, so we have control over guaranteeing freshness and quality.  

We weigh our products multiple times to ensure you are getting an exact quantity you order—or we go over the weight slightly just as a matter of good faith and a desire to keep our clients happy.  You should look for this type of quality control with any delivery service you choose, and be aware of those who are third parties for other growers. 

There is a good chance their quality will fall short, or they will get a bad batch.  With trendingleafs.com, this isn’t going to happen!

2. Make Sure the Products from Your Delivery Service are Affordable and Fit Your Budget

A company with affordable prices for weed, edibles, psychedelics, vape carts, and more should be your lifetime partner.   Check out prices and shop around.  There are a handful of companies doing delivery services well.  

Prices should fit within your budget, and in most cases, they will.  But watch out for companies whose pricing is not aligned, or in the ballpark, of other competitors.  Doing your due diligence about their pricing systems in advance means you won’t have to kiss frogs before you find your “Delivery Service Prince Charming.”

Make sure to check reviews, and you should be able to call the company and ask questions until you are satisfied that they are a good fit for you.

3. Ensure the Delivery Service Doesn’t Hide Prices and are Transparent with Any Fees

Some delivery services hide their prices and aren’t transparent.  As they are about to deliver, or late in the process, they attempt to charge some unknown fee, that isn’t published, related to delivery or speed of delivery.   It’s bizarre that they would try to do this, but we see it all the time. 

Make sure, as is the case with Trendingleafs.com, all prices and rates are published on the website.  While prices can often change quickly, make sure that if a price is published, that the company you are ordering from will honor that price.  Trendingleafs.com offers a price guarantee, so this is not a problem at all with trendingleafs.com, but be aware that it can be with other services.

4. Check Past Customer Reviews and Make Sure the Product looks like the Image on their Website

Although you don’t have to with trendingleafs.com, ask competitors or other vendors whether there are any charges that aren’t in the shopping cart, or whether the product they show on the website is really the product they are selling.  It sounds crazy, but we see it all the time. 

Do your due diligence to know to the best of your ability who you are doing business with. Customer reviews online are a good place to start!  And if you are happy with the service you receive, always give a review.  This will help future customers be able to measure and choose well—so you are doing them a service too.

5. Look for a Cannabis Delivery Service that Complies with All Federal, State and Local Laws and Provides Responsive Customer Service with a Live Person to Answer Your Questions

There are rules at the federal, state, and local level regarding the sale, delivery and possession of marijuana and other related products.   Trendingleafs.com is up on the most recent regulations and is fully compliant.  Make sure any company that you choose lives up to the same standard.

If a company has no delivery customer service number, with no person to talk to, they shouldn’t be your first choice.  Who wants to deal with bot agents and endless chats with no resolution?  At trendingleafs.com, we make each experience personal.  We don’t have any interest in “corporatizing” what for us is a labor of love, a life’s passion.  You can always reach us by phone and check out our FAQ’s on our website as well.

6. Choose a DC Weed Delivery Service Who Accepts Your Forms of Payment and Makes Payment Easy

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but get a receipt, and find a company that processes the forms of payment you prefer.  Some delivery services only take cash donations for obvious reasons, others can take crypto, credit cards, and more.   Always ask for a receipt if you need one and make sure the payment process is handled professionally and appropriately.

Why It is So Important to Follow These Steps in Choosing a Delivery Service:

Smoking weed, dosing on mushrooms and enjoying edibles in a safe, healthy environment in which conditions are optimal for exploration and evolution should be an amazing experience. 

Companies that care for their customers and want to make sure they have an excellent experience and want to return are few and far between.   A weed and other products delivery service that is efficient, great to work with, and delivers perfection each time is a keeper. 

But in addition to having the freshest strains and the best quality products, there is one more component of the Trendingleafs.com experience that separates us from the others.

Shop Trendingleafs.com today; we are known for the best quality cannabis, mushrooms, edibles and other products that make you feel great, without toxins or other artificial ingredients.  Compare trendingleafs.com to other services, and make an informed choice about what looks like the right fit.

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