Psychedelics FAQs

There are many formal definitions of what makes a “psychedelic” but it is a type of substance that can produce changes in your senses, thinking and mood. Some psychedelics are naturally occurring, like in trees, plants, leaves, seeds and fungi; others are produced in labs.

Magic mushrooms became legal in DC in March, 2021. Under DC Initiative 81, natural psychedelics including magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and mescaline have also become legal.

While each person’s body chemistry is different, and we are generalizing here, magic mushrooms at higher doses can change your perception of reality in a more significant way than cannabis.  The main psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms is Psilocybin (and psilocin), while THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. These have different effects, but both are natural and have been used for millennia for healing and consciousness.

An altered perception of reality, mood changes, change in and access to different plains of consciousness, spiritual awareness, and much more.They have historically been associated with healing and curation, with proper guidance and in the right setting.

No, our magic mushrooms are toxin free and have no preservatives or additives.

Because magic mushrooms change consciousness and alter your perception of reality, we would strictly advise against it. You need all of your grounded senses to drive a car safely. Magic mushrooms are for an experience which is mostly non-physical, so choose a setting that is safe and supportive as you take the trip.

Yes, simply purchase a special Trending Leafs label and receive our magic mushrooms or magic mushroom chocolate bars, as well as other products, with your order.

Slightly bitter, chewy. Use ice cream, try them in chocolate (yum!), grind them in powder and put them in anything you enjoy. Make a tea!

Absolutely! It is one of our recommendations. Just use some lemon or other flavor, maybe some honey, grind up the mushrooms or just soak them, and voila. You are all set for a beautiful adventure.

Like meditation, yoga, chanting, and other methods used for access to your higher consciousness, they can have a major positive impact on anxiety and memory. With this said, it is wise to use a guide or teacher when exploring any new method of changing consciousness; magic mushrooms are no different.