Weed Metrics: All the Weed Measurements You Need to Know

Weed Metrics: All the Weed Measurements You Need to Know

Weed Metrics: All the Weed Measurements You Need to Know

Understanding weed measurements is an important skillset for every man or woman who are new to buying weed in the legalized pot industry. Understanding these measurements will help you make more informed purchases at Trending Leafs with the knowledge to buy exactly how much weed that you’ll be getting with each purchase.

Please pay attention to the following as we explore the world of weed metrics. Customers have been asking us to publish this guide for years, and we finally are keeping our promise to do so!

This guide will cover all the measurements that you need to know. We will also provide examples for a visual reference of how many bowls, blunts, or joints you’ll be able to enjoy with each amount of weed.

Weed Metric Guide

Weed measurements are recorded in grams, generally ranging from 1 gram to an ounce (28 grams), in a single purchase. Here is a simplified outline of each common pot metric.

  •       An Eighth = 1/8 of an Ounce or 3.5 Grams
  •       A Quarter = ¼ of an Ounce or 7 Grams
  •       A Half = ½ of an Ounce or 14 Grams
  •       An Ounce = 28 Grams

These are the most common amounts that you will encounter during the pot purchase process. Most dispensaries do not allow consumers to purchase more than 1 ounce in a single transaction,

What do these measures look like? The following will go into further detail to help you understand exactly how much pot you’re getting with each amount.

1 Ounce

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An ounce of weed is equivalent to 28 grams. This is the largest amount that you can purchase at one time.  It is cheaper to purchase pot in larger amounts, but you should make sure that you have already tried and enjoy a specific strain before purchasing an entire ounce.

How Much Weed Is An Ounce?

This is a large amount of weed that should provide you will many mornings and evenings of smoking pleasure. The entire meaning of an ounce comes from British Imperial units of measurement. For visual reference, this would equate to 28 gram-sized blunts, over 50 regular sized joints, and nearly 80 packed bowls.

A Half (Ounce)

A half is equal to half of an ounce, or approximately 14 grams. This is also a large amount of pot so buyers should be sure to buy good weed.

How Much Am I Getting With A Half?

½ an ounce should be enough pot to last most smokers for some time. This is enough to make pack over 40 bowls, 18 good-sized blunts, or to roll over 28 decent joints. This is also a good amount to purchase if you are considering making edibles.

A Quarter (Ounce)

A quarter is ¼ of an ounce of weed, or approximately 7 grams. This equals twice as much flower as an 1/8.

How Much Am I Getting With A Quarter?

A quarter is moderate amount of pot to purchase that should provide enough for over 20 bowl packs, around 15 joints, or 7 gram-sized blunts.

Most Common Weed Metric: An Eighth (of an Ounce)

An eighth is the most commonly purchased amount of weed at dispensaries. This is fail-proof amount because it is enough to smoke on if you enjoy it, but not a total loss if you aren’t the biggest fan of the selected strain.

How Much Pot Is An Eighth?

An eighth meets the needs of most weed enthusiasts, providing enough flower to pack a several good-sized bowls, a few large blunts, or approximately 4-5 joints.

1 Gram of Marijuana

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A single gram is generally the smallest amount of weed that you can purchase at a dispensary. 1 gram of pot is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This is good option for those who are new to weed, short on cash, or want to try a new strain of marijuana.

How Much Pot Am I Getting in a Gram?

1 gram will provide enough weed to pack a bowl twice, roll one blunt, or a couple joints.

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