Order cannabis delivery in DC

What are the Rules of Cannabis Delivery in Washington, DC?

How would you like to have cannabis, psychedelics, or edibles delivered directly to your door? Fortunately, thanks to initiative 71, now you can.  Consumers throughout Washington, DC and surrounding areas can now have these products delivered with some companies offering same-day service.

The laws in Washington, DC for cannabis, psychedelics, and edibles are tricky because of the many gray areas that exist. There are rules that businesses and customers need to follow in DC. What are the rules for ordering cannabis, edibles, and psychedelics in Washington, DC?

Initiative 71

On November 4th, 2014, Initiative 71 passed with significant support. The law went into effect in 2015 and has decriminalized small amounts of marijuana possession and cultivation.

Initiative 71 allows individuals aged 21 and older to:

  • Possess Up To 2 Ounces of Marijuana
  • Cultivate Up To 6 Plants in Their Homes (Max 3 Mature Plants)
  • Share/Gift Marijuana to Anyone Aged 21 or Older

Recreational cannabis sales are still illegal in Washington, DC. This doesn’t mean that residents can’t buy weed legally.

Many businesses participate in a loophole to the law known as cannabis gifting. This process requires customers to adhere to specific precautions during their purchasing processes.

Marijuana Gifting

It is important to remember to refer to marijuana as a gift for your purchase. This protects businesses from legal repercussions.

In fact, you would likely be refused service if you walked into a business and requested to buy some weed, edibles, or psychedelics. Discretion is an important element of cannabis business gifting.

Important Verbiage Tips

Cannabis businesses are always struggling to maintain legal compliance. You put both yourself and a business at risk if you do not use proper verbiage.

  • Never ask to buy weed directly.
  • Always refer to weed as a gift.
  • Purchase the product (art/sticker) and receive a free gift (marijuana).

If you are confused, ask what product that you would need to purchase to receive “X” amount of marijuana as a free gift.

Can Gifted Marijuana and Psychedelics Be Delivered in DC?

Yes, both gifted marijuana and psychedelics can be delivered directly to your door in Washington, DC. This includes numerous products to meet the desired effects of any customer.

Products Available for Delivery Include:

  • Loose Flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Vaporizers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Magic Mushrooms
  • More…

Trendingleafs.com offers a wide range of indica, sativa, and hybrid cannabis strains for delivery. They also offer numerous delicious treats in varieties containing marijuana or magic mushrooms.

How Do I Get Gifted Cannabis Delivered in DC?

Gifted cannabis and psychedelics can only be used legally by individuals over the age of 21. Be sure to have your ID ready and on hand when you order your products and upon gift arrival.

  1. Visit trendingleafs.com to browse through an extensive list of products that are available for delivery in Washington, DC.
  2. Select the strains and products that you want delivered.
  3. Schedule a delivery.

The process is fast and easy. Simply select the products that you want that are linked to the marijuana, edibles, or psychedelic product that you are interested in and complete your order for same-day delivery.

Trusted Vendors

It is of critical importance to only order cannabis and psychedelics from a reputable company. There are an exceedingly high number of scammers who pretend to offer these products.  

Even more disheartening are the number of illegitimate companies that sell low-quality and/or fake products.


Reviews are everything. Be sure to check the companies reviews on Google and their website. You can also use these reviews to learn more about the business performance in speed, accuracy, and quality of products.

Check Website and Social Media Accounts

Another way to check whether or not a company is legitimate and not get scammed is to check for the business’ online presence. A reputable company should have a full website that is linked to their other online accounts. For example, social media accounts.

Trendingleafs.com for Gifted Products

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