How Does I71  Impact DC Cannabis Delivery Services?

How Does I71 Impact DC Cannabis Delivery Services?

I71 is one of the more creative ways to integrate a highly beneficial and in-demand product into the mainstream which has historically been banned or illegal. The principle behind I71 was trying to integrate these products from a law-and-order and rather antiquated approach towards the legalization of marijuana, psychedelics, and other mind and consciousness altering plants and herbs.

What is 171?

The 2014 Initiative 71, now known as “I71”, was a ballot initiative approved by voters which allowed for the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.  It stated that DC would not permit legal recreational marijuana dispensaries like those existing in other states, but it would be:

  • legal to possess certain amounts of marijuana in the District
  • legal to use marijuana in the District
  • permissible to gift up to one ounce of cannabis

History of I71

In the historic 2014 year, the District of Columbia certified public ballot petition signatures that exceeded the requirement of 22,600 valid signatures.  In March, 2014, while the initiative was being developed, DC decriminalized marijuana subsequent to a Congressional review period, which lasted a month.  Medical marijuana was legalized in 1998 by voters but Congress blocked its implementation until sales began in 2013.

Nearly 65% of voters approved I71 in 2014, and the rest is history.  It should be noted that certain Congressional representatives still tried to block implementation, but this time, they failed.

The Washington D.C. Gifting Economy 

DC the cultural center

As a result of I71, a gifting economy has been created in DC.  DC businesses sell various items such as t-shirts, stickers, mugs and memorabilia and provide the purchaser with cannabis as a gift, up to a certain amount. 

  1. Provides some nominal degree of regulation on the exchange/transfer of cannabis
  2. Restricts amount of cannabis which can be gifted or exchanged
  3. Provides a bridge to full recreational and medicinal legalization 

How Does I71 Affect My Delivery of Cannabis in DC? 

Since our website and business is I71 compliant, there is no impact that you will notice when ordering weed other than you purchase our custom Trending Leafs label and other products are then gifted with the purchase.  It might look a bit weird if you are from another state where you are just accustomed to purchasing your cannabis, paying sales tax, and you are all set.  This just looks a bit different, but the process is the same. 

The Importance of I71

I 71 has provided a bridge, a transition phase for people to become accustomed to the exchange and use of weed in DC.  In this respect, it has been very valuable and has provided an important role. Often, with controversial issues where there is broad public support but a history of restriction, contentious ideologies can lead to a product like marijuana being banned for even longer.  I71 represents some meeting of the minds, with the next steps being obvious.

Trending Leafs has been here since the beginning, supporting the changing of antiquated laws, from the earliest days.   We have battled for your right to enjoy natural medicinal herbs that make you feel good, and have confronted the hypocrisy of what is legal and what is not. 

I71 and Social Equity

There is an interesting social equity benefit to I71.  Many, or even a majority, of I71-regulated businesses are run by people of color who are often limited or blocked in the legal cannabis industry.  People of color who face steeper hurdles to banking, credit, and financing are demonstrating great levels of success even within a “gift-exchange” model with inherent structural challenges.

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