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5 Myths About DC Weed Delivery Services

 We all know that until we try something new, we often hear things that turn out to be false, like myths about DC weed delivery services.   In this blog, we handle some of the more common myths and do our best to debunk them.  But we all know as the saying goes, "You don't know how it is until you try it!".  Here are a few of the more common myths with some answers to accompany them:

  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Charge High Fees for Delivery

Tough one to start with this myth, because sometimes in some nightmare cases we have had with delivery services other than Trending Leafs, it isn’t a myth.  So we’ll have to look at high fee charges for weed delivery in DC as it currently stands.

Trending Leafs charge a flat fee of $20 anywhere within our delivery radius.  We don’t charge more for a higher cost order, and don’t charge a premium if you make a smaller sized order.  There is no room for confusion, just 20 bucks per delivery or pickup. 

Other DC weed delivery services may charge more, and in other parts of the country we see a lot of overcharging by delivery services.  In the District we have found overall people are pretty transparent, you just need to ask the fee if you are ordering for weed delivery or pickup.  Make sure you are comfortable with it and can afford it.  

  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Don’t Get the Best Weed or Deliver Bad Weed

Tough myth to go with as our second myth to break, because some delivery services sell weed that isn’t up to your (or our) standards.  We have ordered from other services and been really disappointed in the quality. 

So what’s the remedy to make sure this myth doesn’t become a reality?  

  • Check online reviews, their social media and website.
  • Ask a friend if they know the cannabis delivery service from experience.
  • Call and ask them how fresh their weed is and any other details you would like to know.
  • Buy a small amount as a sampler if you are just wanting to get high for a bit.

Or the best remedy?  Buy from www.trendingleafs.com, where you can know that we guarantee our weed is great.  We are fanatics and love to smoke, so we have an obligation to share the love.  We are passionate about what we do and provide an important and valuable service to the community.   So to avoid this ever becoming a reality, become part of the Trending Leafs family.

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  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Aren’t Safe Because It Just Seems Shady

Shady? Nahhh. Our drivers all take showers and keep their delivery vehicles well maintained.  There’s no reason to be shady, because delivery of cannabis is completely federal, state, and local regulation compliant. The only way you will meet anyone is if you choose to do so, because you did order something to be delivered, after all.  Or there is having the driver deliver to a location of your choice.  Just let the delivery service know what you prefer.

Maybe some of the sense of shadiness is that cannabis delivery services use a successful delivery model from before when cannabis delivery began legal.  But it’s legal now.  We have given it further legitimacy with our website, social media, My Business page, and receipts are provided for each purpose. Buying online keeps a record of everything and all transparency is in order.  That’s just good business for buyer and seller.

  1. DC Weed Delivery Services Are a Bad Alternative to a Dispensary

We have written on the topic of benefits to a mobile weed delivery service versus a dispensary  bit before, but we can have another go.  This myth, that somehow a dispensary is “better”, is strange unless one knows what “better” is being defined as.

Let’s summarize some realities about the dispensary / mobile debate.  First, there is not debate.  We love dispensaries and cannabis delivery services equally.  So that’s that.  But if you have to consider some of the advantages of a weed delivery in DC, consider:

  1. It Will Take Forever to Get My Cannabis Delivered or It Won’t Be Professional

At Trending Leafs, we respond to client inquiries within 3 minutes.  It may take as long as five minutes if we are very busy with clients. But no more than that!  Once we get your order we immediately arrange for delivery or pickup which is 100% guaranteed. Drivers carry no cash, so no concerns about transacting business when all you want is your herb.  Think about it: parking at a dispensary may take 10 minutes and getting there another 30 minutes or more.  So no, it won’t take forever to get your weed delivered. 

Business transactions with Trending Leafs are professional and our total focus is on customer service.  We want you to be thrilled with our services and come back again and again.   We want you to tell friends and family and enjoy every part of working with us!

So don’t buy into any of these myths about DC weed delivery services.  Reach out, place an order.  If you are a first-timer, take advantage of a 15% first time discount.  Check out our Specials to see what’s new, or focus on our amazing flower and psychedelics. We are just building our Instagram presence, so feel free to hit us up on Instagram as well!